Concept research

Concept research helps you test beforehand whether a new product or service will find acceptance in your market. For many organisations, innovation is a major contributing factor in whether they succeed or fail. But innovating successfully is a challenge. To increase the success of your innovations you need to have a good understanding of when new products and services are relevant to your existing and (potential) customers.

That’s why the surveys we carry out revolve around needs. We place great emphasis on properly identifying consumers’ needs and linking them to the concept. You can use concept research to help you identify the market opportunities for a new product, service or proposition. This form of research looks at questions such as:

  • How do consumers rate the proposition I have developed?
  • How do people rate my new concept?
  • Does my concept meet the needs of my users?
  • What general requirements does my concept need to meet?
  • How can my proposition be further refined to increase its likelihood of succeeding? Is there sufficient willingness to pay among my target group to make my proposition viable?

Concept research approach

Whatever phase you are in with your concept, we always have a research method that fits the bill – whether you want to check out the potential of a new proposition, or whether you have already developed a complete product or service. Concept research includes both qualitative and quantitative research:

  • Qualitative research: shedding light on how your concept is rated and how it meets the target audience’s needs

We organise individual interviews with the target audience, hold group discussions with focus groups or gather insights through our online Research Community.

  • Quantitative research: mapping the potential of the proposition

We use online research to provide quantitative insights into how your concept is viewed and what its potential is.

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