Consumer Insight Community

Do you and your colleagues regularly wish you could put forward a question to a potential (or existing) customer, but lack the opportunity to do so? Then a Consumer Insight Community may well be a solution. This is an on-line environment that puts you in touch with a fixed group of potential or existing customers. They are ready to brainstorm with you 24/7 and give you a glimpse of their lives.

If only I could ask this question to my potential or existing customers...

You can use the Consumer Insight Community to put questions to potential or existing customers yourself, or to give them the opportunity to tell you spontaneously what's on their mind. In that way you can get rapid answers to questions like:

  • What is the process my target group uses to make a purchase?
  • How is my product or service used in practice?
  • How much space is still available in the market to expand the range?
  • Which of my NPD ideas has the greatest potential?
  • How attractive is our new campaign to the target group?

How does Community market research work?

We convert your questions into an assignment framework that is programmed into the community. The assignments vary depending on your question: from a topic to a diary or questionnaire. Members can respond to an invitation to participate in this assignment at any time and from any device.

We moderate and analyse the data from the assignments and gather that into a report. In order to get a feeling for the results of the research, one option is to sit in (unnoticed) on the activities.

The benefits of a Consumer Insight Community

A Consumer Insight Community offers flexibility in both potential assignments and time spent on a particular issue. That means that the platform can be used for both pragmatic and fundamental questions.

A Consumer Insight Community gives you a glimpse of your potential customer's life. You can better understand the context in which your target group makes its choices. Reading between the lines you can gain an insight into emotions and otherwise latent needs.

A Consumer Insight Community gives you the certainty of qualitative insights on a quantitative scale. You get an insight into the entire spectrum of opinions and experiences, which can be underpinned with figures where necessary.

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