Facial coding

Your face speaks volumes!

People often find it difficult to put emotions into words. Neuroscientists and experts in facial mimicry think they can measure emotions better than by asking questions. Using scientifically developed software we can read the six basic emotions of a face such as those identified by Paul Ekman.

  • anger
  • disgust
  • fear
  • happiness
  • sadness
  • surprise

As a result we gain insight into the emotions someone has when viewing commercials, advertising or other stimuli. The software for the measurement of emotions can provide new insights, in particular in terms of the testing of campaigns. Such software was previously only available for use in a laboratory setting, however it is now being developed so quickly that applications exist in which the software makes use of webcams which the consumes use at home and even the video cameras on mobile phones. The facial coding software can be integrated into quantitative online questionnaire research, as a result of which the measurement of emotions can be combined with regular research.

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