Millennial Community

Millennials: a target group which is keeping many organisations busy. And rightly so, as it is a large group of consumers, who are getting more capital-rich and sometimes require a different approach to the rest of the market. The big question for many organisations is therefore: should we offer different products or services for millennials? And if so, how?

Our Millennials Community helps us to answer specific millennial questions:

  • How do I ensure that I am relevant as a brand and product and stay for millennials? Does my product match their wishes and needs?
  • How do millennials use my brand and product category? Is this different from other consumers?
  • Which communications are the most promising among millennials?
  • Which product idea is most likely to be launched according to millennials?

Sometimes, millennials are really different in their behaviour and needs in relation to a product category; sometimes it’s more about the nuance. It is essential to get a clear picture of their behaviour and needs in order to approach this target group effectively. This applies to the range of products and services, purchasing channels and communication.

We use an online research community for this purpose. It is a valuable tool which clients who have made us of are very enthusiastic about.

Here are a few of its benefits:

  • Quick and efficient: answers to regular questions within a week and urgent questions within a day.
  • Various forms of research are possible: qualitative information via the forum, creative exercises in a challenge, individual exercises in the diary or quantitative information via a questionnaire.

The setting up and maintenance of a community is labour-intensive and therefore expensive. By making the millennial community accessible to several (non-competing) brands, we can answer questions for an attractive budget.