Packaging test

The packaging test is the solution to validating new or existing packaging easily and rapidly. Our packaging test gives you the answer to the question ‘What aspect of purchase intention does my packaging appeal to?’ and how can I improve this?’

We have optimised the packaging test on the basis of years of experience with a wide range of clients. This means that you do not need to worry about the method or our processes, and you can test your packaging from just €1345,-

We check whether your packaging meets five universal packaging KPIs and give you a clear overview of how your packaging scores in terms of:

  • attractiveness
  • relevance
  • uniqueness
  • credibility
  • fit with the brand.

Apart from our standard questions, you may also add ten questions of your own, and it is also possible to test different types of packaging or variations on the same type of packaging.

We compare the KPIs with our benchmarks, so that you can immediately see how well your packaging performs.

The correct target audience

After making an appropriate selection from your target audience, we submit your packaging online to 100 respondents. These respondents then assess the packaging on various criteria. We convert their feedback into concrete recommendations, so that you can amend and improve your packaging straight away.

Online dashboard

As soon as the first respondents react, you can follow the results in real time on our online dashboard. We translate these results into concrete tips, and you can immediately get to work on the improvements yourself.

The heatmap shows you at a glance which elements of your packaging are most appealing, and which of them perform less well. Respondents are asked to explain their opinions, which gives you a good idea of why they responded in that way, and what you can do to amend and improve the packaging at once.

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Verpakkingstest Bolletje

You may well know that Bolletje, with its crackers and crispbread, is one of the leading players in the cereal products market. But how do you recognise the Bolletje brand? Which elements of its packaging should Bolletje never get rid of, in the opinion of consumers? SPRINT investigated the issue by means of three packaging tests. In the event that Bolletje wanted to change the packaging for one of its products in the future it would, at least, know which of the elements it would be wise to leave unaltered.