Sponsoring Effectiveness Research

Our mission is to help clients unlock the true value of sponsoring by understanding the emotional connection between brands and communities. We aim to prove and improve the level of engagement between the sponsor and its audience.

Blauw Research has 20 years of experience in global sponsoring research. Our dedicated and experienced team is specialized in providing brands with insights into the impact of sponsorships on brand KPI’s. Brands like Heineken, Nissan, PepsiCo, Volvo and Vodafone continuously use our insights to optimize their sponsorships. Our research has contributed to maximizing ROI of many global sponsorships, among others in UEFA Champions League, Formule One, Formula E, cricket and rugby.

Our Triple E approach to sponsoring insights includes:

  • Evaluation of sponsorship and activations
  • Effect on the brand
  • Evolution of the sponsoring portfolio

We apply leading research techniques and models in our sponsoring effectiveness studies.

To isolate sponsoring effects we have developed the FanShip Level (FSL) model. The greater the involvement, the greater the likelihood that someone will come into contact with the sponsorship and therefore the likelihood that the sponsorship will have an effect on attitude and behaviour toward the sponsor.

Our Sports Media Profiler gives detailed insight into sponsorship impact for different fan media profiles (based on consumer behaviour with regard to following sports). With these insights we can help brands understand how to connect with sports fans, which contributes to building meaningful relationships with relevant target groups through the sponsorship. We analyse the impact of sponsorship for many sponsors on an ongoing basis, like:

Formula one sponsoring

Formula E sponsoring

UEFA Champions League Sponsoring

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