Stakeholder and reputation research

Stakeholder research can set the course for strategically anticipating major societal transitions

Modern society is in a state of flux. Take for example the climate and energy transition, developments in technology and the shortages on the labour market. Are you wondering how your organisation should approach these topics? What your stakeholders expect of you? Or how, against the background of all these changes, you can continue to deliver successful stakeholder management, while upholding your reputation?

Stakeholders clearly influence the success of your organisation. For that reason, it is important to periodically survey the status of your stakeholder relationships. This is all the more true in an era in which developments in society place more urgent demands on you to make the right strategic choices. Our experts are keen to engage your stakeholders in dialogue. Together, we will map out the best way to improve your stakeholder management and reputation.

What is the added value of Blauw?

Blauw in dialogue

For anyone looking to improve their stakeholder management and reputation, the starting point is listening to your stakeholders. They can tell you how they see your organisation, and how they experience the (cooperative) relationship. They deliver feedback on the role your organisation plays in tackling urgent issues and the transitions facing our society. And the way in which your organisation communicates and presents itself.

You can of course choose to engage in this dialogue yourself. But will your stakeholders reveal their true opinions to you? Will you honestly be able to give a detached and neutral response to possible critical points that may be raised? Our Blauw experts are perfectly equipped to engage in these discussions on your behalf. Even in dialogue with ‘heavyweights’ who deliver clear impact on public opinion and set the tone in our society.

Results through collaboration

Any stakeholder survey requires partnership and close collaboration. After all, it marks the start of a process that will determine the future of your organisation. From the starting point of the project through to final handover, we need each other. For sharing knowledge, creating support, giving each other feedback and organising brainstorm sessions at appropriate moments. We will assemble a project team with the Blauw experts and directly involved representatives from the client side.

What is the outcome?

  • An in-depth analysis of the reputation and stakeholder relationship, with a clear overview of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Solid guidelines for further implementing proactive stakeholder management
  • Clarity about your reputation and the possibilities for further improvement
  • Insight into the expectations of stakeholders of your organisation, for example with regard to societal transitions
  • Insight into areas where stakeholders desire (closer) cooperation
  • Pointers for improving external communication (in both substance and means)

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