Communication research for the government

27 January 2017

Blauw Research is now a research partner for communication research for the National Government.

The Public and Communication Service (DPC) has entered into two framework agreements: one for qualitative communication research and another for quantitative and combined communication research. We are very proud to have won a part in both contracts.

In the summer of 2016 DPC issued two European tenders for communication research. By doing so, DPC was seeking permanent research partners for research that will provide input into communication issues and evaluate the use of communication. The positive assessment of our applications to both tenders means that along with 2 (for qualitative) and 3 (for quantitative and combined) other agencies we are permitted to carry out all communication research for government departments.

A permanent team of Blauwers will be involved in the studies we are permitted to carry out within the framework agreement. Our versatility helped our case, because the research work is very diverse in nature. It varies from in-depth interviews with elderly people to a weekly monitor amongst the general public and on-the-spot surveys on health to long term research into sustainable energy. We'll be taking a fresh look at all of these issues and developing innovative and effective research solutions. 

Various National Government departments will be submitting their assignments in the field of communication to the agencies in the framework agreement and will select an agency with which they want to work. In the meantime, the first projects within the framework agreement have already begun and we are already working flat out on some really interesting research projects from various ministries and other government departments. We are really looking forward to the partnership with various clients within National Government in the years to come and we intend to do everything possible to make a great success of these communication research studies.