Innovation at Blauw: the Lab and start-ups!

26 September 2016

Digital and mobile developments, clients with agile working methods, groundbreaking philosophies such as How Brands Grow, Big Data, Digital Analytics.

How does Blauw respond to these developments and ensure that we can continue to provide our clients with the most promising new methods? It is for this reason that we set up the Lab and it is why we are launching innovative start-ups!

Innovation is difficult, certainly for market research bureaus. "The work continues" and that means that there is always a challenging project with equally challenging deadlines which prevents sufficient time being spent on the refinement of new solutions. On the other hand, at Blauw we want to be able to guarantee that we can always provide the best solution available. And that means that we always have to know what is available in terms of smart tools and new marketing theories.

To resolve this Blauw set up the Lab. Under the supervision of two Innovation Officers (Wout Thuis and Ivo Langbroek) Blauwers, released from regular duties for the short or long term, can focus fully on the development of new products or the application of new theories. Since its foundation this has led to several excellent solutions such as Foresight Streaming, Location Based Mobile Research with geofencing and beacons,  a VoC feedback solution, Customer Journey training programme and most recently the Salience Boost based on "How Brands Grow".

And if something is so new or revolutionary that we wish to leave all of the current conventions behind and approach it fundamentally differently, we develop it separately from Blauw in an independent start-up. The Agile Start-up Sprint is the first example of this. But keep a close eye on us. We will soon be launching our second start-up!