Behavioral Tracking

Changing user behaviour and needs within your category

Trends and developments within your category can change at lightning speed. And that applies to the purchase and user behaviour of your target group, too. Obviously, you want to keep pace with these changes where possible, so that you can match your promotional marketing accordingly. But how? Blauw's Behavioural Tracker can give you a helping hand!

Behavioural Tracking helps you to gain insight into changes and developments within your category, and manage the process.

Behavioural Tracking is a means of continuously measuring purchase and user behaviour within your category. We gear these measurements exclusively to the information that you need to achieve your goal. In other words, you get a tailor-made monitor.

What can Behavioural Tracking help you with?

  • You want to use the insights that you obtain outside your organisation, for instance to demonstrate your expertise or to boost your credentials.
  • Within your organisation, you want to monitor what impact your actions have and to discover whether, for instance, more people could be using your product or whether attitudes are changing.

How we monitor user behaviour

Our experts will set out a standard questionnaire to monitor purchase and user behaviour within your category. This questionnaire is filled in by consumers within your category. How we design the questionnaire precisely depends on what you want to use the measurements for. We can discuss the options together.

We collect and analyse the results carefully. Then we make it easy for you to gain insight into the results that you need to keep in touch with your target group.

We compare the repeated measurements with previous measurements so that we can give answers to questions such as:

  • In which aspects can we see changes in behaviour?
  • How can these changes be explained?
  • Are your actions having the desired impact?

Want to know more about Behavioural Tracking?

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