Concept test

A concept test is the solution to quickly and easily testing a new concept. Get a clear insight on how your concept scores based on attractiveness, relevance, uniqueness, credibility and fit relating to the brand. Whether you launch an entire new product or just a proven product that you want to give a much needed update; the SPRINT concept test answers your question; how promising is my concept and what can I do to improve it?

The concept test has been optimized through years of experience with various clients. Because of this, there is no need for you to worry about the method or about our processes and you can test your concept from €1345,-.

The right target audience

We select the right people from your target audience and propose your concept online to 100 respondents. They examine your concept on five universal concept KPI’s. In addition to that, we provide customer insights and test if the concept solves these problems. Next to our standard questions, it is possible to add ten of your own questions.

Online dashboard

As soon as the first respondents react you can track the results online directly and get to work with your improvements. We translate the feedback to concrete recommendations, in order for you to directly start working on improvements.

You can have a look at which components of your concept are good and which are less good. You will understand why this is caused, in order for you to improve the concept immediately!

Want to know more about the SPRINT Concept Test?

Is the World Animal Protection campaign convincing enough to bring a halt to the sale of kangaroo products?

World Animal Protection is dedicated to the welfare of animals throughout the world. The organisation is currently pursuing action against the sale of kangaroo products in the Netherlands. In its campaign, World Animal Protection makes it clear that the manufacture of these kangaroo products involves plenty animal suffering. But is the campaign credible? And to what extent are people in the Netherlands prepared to support the campaign? SPRINT looked to find answers to this within 24 hours with a concept test.