Customer Driven Strategy

Does your organisation focus on the customer? Do you follow a 'Customer-driven Strategy'? Then ask yourself this.

  • Do you really know: who your existing or potential customers are?
  • What their dreams are and what motivates them?
  • How you can best meet their needs with your product or service?

If you can't wholeheartedly answer these questions with a 'yes' then there's work to be done!

An increasing number of organisations understand that in order to be successful and to remain so, the focus must be on the customer. However, in day-to-day practice it seems that they rarely see or speak to existing or potential customers. We can offer you an on-line platform in the form of a Consumer Insight Community, in which you can put your questions directly to existing or potential customers.

Consumer Insight Community is an on-line platform that brings you in contact with existing and potential customers. Experience has taught us that companies who successfully focus on the customer are following a tried and tested pattern. A Consumer Insight Community makes it possible to make a connection with existing and potential customers in each phase, from strategy to execution.

You build a sustainable relationship with existing or potential customers

Within a Consumer Insight Community a set group of around 50-150 existing or potential customers make a long-term commitment to participation in the community. They do so because they are intrinsically motivated to help you. For instance, your existing or potential customers appreciate the fact that they 'have a voice' or are the first to learn about your new ideas. This intrinsic motivation means that community members have a stake in the challenges that you face, and they are prepared to go the extra mile to help you overcome them.

You aren't planning a one-off meeting with your existing or potential customers, you're building up a relationship. This gives you a window into how their attitude, behaviour and needs in relation to your product category change over time. And it also establishes the basis for co-creation.

You get a better understanding of how existing or potential customers make their decisions

There is a wide range of potential assignments available within a Consumer Insight Community, which helps to explore the context in which your product or service is bought and used. A diary assignment, for example, can be used to gain an insight into the points at which your product or service is used. A shopping assignment may be the decisive factor in explaining what consumers notice when standing in store at a shelf, and what could help to sway them in their choice.

The context in which we operate often has a considerable influence on the choices that the consumer makes. So an insight into the context ensures that you have a better understanding of how and why existing or potential customers reach the decisions they make.

Each choice that you make matches the behaviour and needs of potential or existing customers

Time, capacity and budget are the most often cited reasons for not involving existing or potential customers when formulating and executing plans. A Consumer Insight Community offers a solution for each of these obstacles. Depending on the scope and the importance of a question it is possible to opt for a more fundamental or pragmatic approach in which we, to a greater or lesser extent, save you work. Together, we come to the ideal starting points for the partnership.

There's nothing to stop you getting to know existing or potential customers, understanding them and involving them in each choice you make. A Consumer Insight Community means you no longer need to compromise on the issues in which you do or don't involve existing or potential customers.

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