Enthusiastic employees apply themselves to the goals and ambitions of their organisation: they are prepared to spend extra energy, care and time to achieve something that stretches beyond their own interest. And that is exactly what many companies need these days. An enthusiastic employee is:

  • Enthusiastic about the work – “I want to do this”
  • Involved – “I feel responsible for the success of the company”
  • Fascinated – “I love what I do”

But how do you create enthusiastic employees? How can you facilitate your employees so that they do the best for your organisation enthusiastically and in Flow? This is precisely the challenge that many organisations and HR managers are faced with and are in fact struggling with. This begins with listening to employees and learning from their feedback.

Feedback from employees can be made much more relevant and significant if questions are asked more frequently with a customer-related focus. Focused on the drivers which influence whether employees get into Flow (become enthusiastic).

Blauw has developed the Voice of the Employee programme that identifies Flow and monitors it on an ongoing basis. It delivers your organisation the following:

  • Relevant management information at a company, departmental and/or team level: enthusiasm and customer focus from an employee perspective
  • Interaction: employees are actively involved in the common goal to enhance internal enthusiasm and the organisation's customer focus.
  • Creativity and individual responsibility are stimulated
  • Ongoing focus: regular input to keep customer focus and facili

  • ating leadership on the agenda and to improve them

Step 1: Monitoring with Flow Manager

To gain insight into Flow, continuous feedback is necessary to enter into and remain in discussion with each other. A traditional Employee satisfaction survey (MTO) is often too static for this, and too large, not current enough and has too little impact within the organisation.

With Flow Manager, an interactive activation programme, we monitor on a continuous basis whether your employees feel facilitated enough to achieve your (Customer focus) objectives. It tests the most important drivers of Flow and provides insight into the extent to which employees promote your organisation and what they need to get into Flow.

Read more about the Flow Manager tool

Step 2: Understand what is happening with employees

An enthusiastic, motivated employee creates enthusiastic customers. And an enthusiastic customer keeps coming back and generates new customers. Employees who are in Flow therefore have a huge impact on the success of the organisation. Blauw helps you to prioritise on the basis of your insights into your employees:

  • Blauw helps you to understand which of the 5 drivers has the most impact on the Flow within the company and what you need to pay most attention too.
  • Together, we determine where in the organisation the most potential for improvement lies.

  • If there is a need for to enhance the background and motivations of the employee experience, Blauw enters into discussions with employees. We present the most important findings from the discussions, which is then followed by a workshop with the project team. After this session, the organisation has:
  • A list of definitive ideas for the improvement of the employee experience

  • A first step towards a definitive and viable action plan, which focuses on quick wins

  • Insights based on results and on our experiences with other companies

Would you like to know more about the five drivers of Flow?

Download the white paper here

Step 3: Get to work actively

Measuring is not yet understanding and understanding certainly does not automatically ensure positive movement within the organisation. We don't promise that everything will be different after the first measurement. What we do promise however is that, in partnership with the organisation, we will examine which steps best suit the organisation, leading to a wave movement. We have various options to set up a bespoke programme for your company, so that you have a definitive step-by-step plan to achieve movement and therefore flow: in bite-sized chunks.

We give you a good grip on how to get started on the Voice of the Employee and organise presentations, games and events to give enthusiasm within your organisation a push in the right direction.

We help you create enthusiastic and customer-focused employees by:

  • Inspiration session by Rijn Vogelaar (author of The Super Promoter and the Flame, Flow, Flood trilogy)

  • Follow-up session with managers on how they can implement and use Flow

  • Team workshops to discuss the results

  • Toolkit with useful tips & tricks so that you can actively get to work

Would you like to drive your organisation toward successful, customer focused enterprise?

On behalf of the Customer Experience team, Customer Experience Expert Gaby Remmers can explain everything to you about how employees can motivated and activated to do the very best for the customer.