Measuring customer satisfaction

Learn from customer feedback and grow as an organisation. That is the mission, but how do you go about that intelligently?

How do you gather and analyse your continuous customer feedback in the most efficient way? How do you set priorities and determine action points in an effort to make the customer experience and processes more consistent?

Are you ready for our solution?

Our inspired Blauw experts will be pleased to help you set up a customer satisfaction survey (CSS) and the KPIs that go with it, such as CSAT, NPS and CES. We develop intelligent analyses and tools that both gather customer feedback and make it visible via an online dashboard. That way you, the organisation itself or an individual employee, can see at a glance the concrete action that you have at your disposal to improve services and customer processes. That sounds quite efficient, don't you think?

What important benefits does Blauw have to offer?

Approach to customer satisfaction surveys

Our Blauw experts can save you a lot of work. But each organisation and, as a result, each customer satisfaction survey is authentic, so before anything else, we discuss your questions and together determine which precise sections will be addressed in the survey. The process of setting up a CSS lasts between 2 and 3 weeks on average.

Step 1: Configure customer feedback measurements intelligently

During an initial session, we first look at the situation in your organisation. Our Blauw experts can use that information to make recommendations.

  • Which level and which scores is it best for your organisation to measure?
  • Do you want the survey to establish a benchmark or investigate the customer relationship, customer journey or contact moment?
  • What measurement frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) is best suited to this?

Measurement scores that you can use for this include: CSAT (customer satisfaction), NPS (Net Promotor Score) and CES (Customer Effort Score). The next step is for us to draw up a short questionnaire for your customers.

Customer experience pyramid

The ultimate customer experience is achieved when three levels, emotion, convenience and function, are in perfect equilibrium. Our Blauw experts use the customer experience pyramid and these three experience levels to develop a customised questionnaire for the CSS together with you, so you can effectively make adjustments to the customer experience, where necessary.

Root Cause Method

We can use the root cause method to develop a questionnaire with 4 questions. This delivers concrete pointers that enable you to get straight to work on optimising the customer experience.

Optimum response

What steps do we take to ensure a high frequency of responses to the questionnaire? We tempt customers with a personalised message and an appealing questionnaire on the most suitable channel. That makes the survey both easy and worthwhile for customers.