Monitoring & Optimization

From relevant customer feedback to concrete improvements

Your organization wants to learn and improve continuously based on what customers find important. Ongoing monitoring of customer experiences and obtaining structural customer feedback are absolutely key to achieve this. Because only then can you as an organization implement the correct concrete changes in your services and processes.

Blauw supports you with the following issues and challenges:

  • We want greater consistency in our processes and customer experience. How do we define priorities and actions based on real-time insight into signals and developments?
  • How can we optimize services with the aid of a continuous customer satisfaction survey (CSS) and CX metrics, such as CSAT, NPS, CES and ENPS?
  • We want to boost employee engagement. How do we achieve the required flow, passion, dialogue, synergy and energy?

Continuous control information with CX monitoring

By monitoring customer experience and making smart analyses, we help you obtain extra insight and define concrete action points to make your customer processes more efficient and effective. Blauw helps you set up a Customer Experience programme and performs a scan of your organization to propose the best approach and solutions. We advise and support you with the correct choice of measurement instruments, systems and online dashboards, while also helping you set priorities. By employing a double feedback loop (improvement and enthusiasm loop), we create a customer-driven mindset and a joined-up dynamic movement centring on both the customer and employee. Apply here for the Voice of the Customer demo and discover all the benefits!

On top of this, we help our clients mobilize passionate employees through positive energy.

These are the methods and instruments we work with: