Needs analysis

If you know what your customers want, then you can adapt your marketing plans and use those customer needs to your advantage. But how do you discover those often sub-conscious needs within your market category? With a needs analysis survey, of course!

Discover how you can match different needs within your market category

Our experts undertake a needs analysis survey in a way that exposes the needs of your target group. When we do this we bear in mind the context in which consumers use your product or service, because needs can differ depending on when it is used.

Learn to identify with your target group

As a question can play out on a number of levels, from marketing strategy to category management, we get together with you to discuss which tools and methods can help you identify with your target group better. Which is how we tailor a needs analysis survey to your requirements.

Needs analysis gives the answers to questions such as:

  • How can I increase my market share?
  • How can I get 'light users' in my category to make greater use of my products or services?
  • How can I safeguard my existence, going forwards?

What benefits does Blauw offer?

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What is it that makes our work so enjoyable? We share a passion with our clients for the same industry. We feel at home in the Retail and FMCG markets, a world in which the consumer makes choices in next-to-no time, switching between stores, brands and products at lightning speed. That keeps us on the ball and helps us to get the best out of ourselves. Would you accept that sort of challenge, too?