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"The IHUT survey gave us immediate insight into the customer experience. We received very valuable and instructive insights to optimally develop our new product."
Christian Schelle
Product Manager
"The CEPs interviews were very enlightening. You get a representative from different target groups at the table in a short time. In a short time we got an enormous wealth of useful information. It was also a real treat to be present for that."
Cora Everaarts
Manager of Marketing Intelligence
"We experience the cooperation with Blauw as pleasant and effective. They deliver consistently good quality and think constructively with us to arrive at the right questions and solutions for new services or product innovations. Also, they are very flexible and switch quickly!"
Klaske van den Berg and Peter Boin
"Because of Blauw's positioning research, we now know how to ensure that more people will think of our brand and choose the Hook."
Justine Passera
Marketing & Communications Manager
"Soon we noticed that, precisely as a scale-up, we could get a lot of valuable results from the research."
Ilse van Loon
Head of Brand & Communications
"A big advantage in the research design was a clear project flow with multiple moments of feedback and discussion."
Ron Rutgers
Category Development Manager HAK
"Blauw took us through the process well and time after time their added value was in the sharpness of their analyses and good ability to distinguish main and secondary issues."
Marloes Antheunis
Senior communications consultant
"What made the collaboration really good was that we felt understood as a client, there was thinking along from our perspective. "
Carolien Govers
Quantitative Researcher Efteling
"The study provided a lot of guidance, and provided the basis for further calculations and making a good business case."
Jiri Staats
Head of Brand & Portfolio innocent drinks

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