Maarten van den Broek

Business Lead Customer Experience

As a Business Lead Customer Experience I am responsible for customer relations projects. In recent years I have specialised in Voice of the Customer programmes. I help organisations in various sectors, such as finance, energy, telecoms and government, with successful customer-focused enterprise.

I am happy to invest in the long term success of the clients we work for. To that end I am continually seeking new methods and partnerships to support organisations with the Customer Experience challenges they are faced with, with the ultimate goal of helping clients to benefit from more enthusiastic and worthwhile customer relations.

An important motive is the search for structural improvement. I do that within Blauw, but mainly in partnership with other organisations. “I like to think a few steps ahead; what are the next challenges I see developing in an organisation? I am constantly busy with what I can contribute to ensure that we are always a few steps ahead with smart and effective CX solutions for clients.”