The solution to obtaining more and better feedback from your customers

Everyone knows them well, those emails in which companies ask for your opinions. “How many stars is your purchase worth?” “What do you think of our product?” “What did you think of your conversation with customer service?”

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Customer Feedback | Blauw Research

Organisations see the value of customer feedback and are therefore incredibly curious about what you think of them. This is logical, but if you were to fill in all of those surveys, it would be a full-time job.

Because, as a research bureau, we are involved in this on a daily basis, we know as well as anyone that all these questionnaires can be at best a tad tiresome.

And the customer has certainly had enough of all these questionnaires. We absolutely get that!

  • The questionnaires are often much too long
  • They don't ask the right questions
  • The invitations are not personal

How do you ensure that your customer will provide feedback?

The response to traditional customer satisfaction surveys is steadily declining. That's why Blauw is seeking a new method of collating customer feedback, which forms a solution to growing 'survey fatigue’.

Discovering the opinions of customers in an easily accessible chat session

Blauw is constantly seeking the best solutions in the market. In the search for a new type of study which is aligned with the fast-moving world around us, we arrived at Dopamine Lab. Blauw has entered into an exclusive partnership with this group.

Dopamine Lab developed 1Question. This is used to convert complicated questionnaires into a chat session which is simple and accessible for customers. In place of a traditional KTO or NPS questionnaire this is a chat-based, approachable, way of entering into discussion with customers.

This 1Question tool:

  • Helps you to collate feedback with discussions in a conversational interface;
  • Asks the customer 1-to-1 questions, the customer's response determining the next question;
  • Generates a higher response level;
  • Ensures fewer drop-outs when completing the questionnaire;
  • Provides high quality feedback;
  • Can be used for all channels: on apps, mobile and on your website.

Success case: conversational reviews

The use of 1Question appears to have been a success for web store Around 50,000 customers were offered a new chat interface, in place of a standard review form. The questions were exactly the same as those on the standard form, only the new 'questionnaire' for customers resembled a chat conversation. The reactions to the responses given by people had already been laid down in advance by Dopamine Lab in scenarios. The questions to be submitted are designed on the basis of the latest psychological insights into persuasion and conversion. As a result, customers could hardly resist answering them. This ensured amazing results.

  • In comparison, 4 times as many customers completed their review;
  • Out of all the reviewers, at least 59% of them completed the entire review.
  • Thanks to a range of persuasion techniques, using repetition and continued questioning, 43% of the drop-outs were convinced to complete the review.

The pilot with yielded 2 nominations: for Spin Awards 2017 Digital Service Idea and the Dutch Interactive Award 2017.

More and better feedback?

Because Blauw believes very much in this conversational interface, we entered into an exclusive partnership with Dopamine Lab. At this moment in time we are also the only research bureau in Netherlands to be able to offer this solution.

Would you like to try out this tool? That's possible. Please leave your details below. You can test the Blauw demo of 1Question for free and without obligation. Once you have applied you will from us your personal link to the demo.