Business Services

The business services sector is extensive. The market consists of financial commercial service providers such as tax consultants and accountants, but advertising bureaus and travel agencies also fall into this category.

But despite the many differences, there is also a significant similarity:

To grow as an organisation, you must make the right decisions.

We provide you with the tools to enhance your market position through market research.

As a B2B organisation, you want to know what innovations you must introduce to enhance your market position. Research is therefore essential.

As a full-service market research bureau, we provide various types of market research which are relevant to the B2B market.

Clear positioning can make all the difference within the commercial services sector.

The customer is now also becoming more central to the organisation within the commercial services sector.

  • How do fine-tune your service provision to the needs of customers and how do you guarantee satisfied and loyal customers? - Voice of the Customer programme
  • How do you increase your Net promoter Score (NPS) and do you measure the extent to which your customers recommend your company to their environment? –Net Promoter Score

Are you a commercial service provider and do you wish to research (potential) markets or customers? Blauw has a wide experience of this field. Take a look below at some of the names in our portfolio or contact us directly: