Brand asset survey Wehkamp

Online store Wehkamp launched a new autumn campaign to improve their visibility in their core product category: fashion. To strengthen the focus on women and boost Wehkamp’s visibility, the operation included the development of a renewed logo.

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Brand asset onderzoek Wehkamp

The new logo is bright coral red, has a fresh appeal and the font is rounder and, hence, more feminine.

Increase Brand Salience among your target audience

Wehkamp wants to increase its brand salience with the aid of the renewed distinctive brand assets (DBAs). DBAs are (non-content-related) brand elements that are perceptible to the senses, such as colours, font, shape and jingle.

With the new logo, colour and font, Wehkamp wants to establish a stronger mental availability among existing and potential customers, so that they:

  • recognise the company faster;
  • think of the company;
  • decide to buy its products.

Ahead of the autumn campaign and logo launch, Wehkamp wanted to check the risk of the new brand assets backfiring and causing a loss of customers.

Distinctive Brand Asset research

To this end, Blauw set up a small and short, but above all practical and easy-to-implement Distinctive Brand Asset survey. Quantitative research was conducted among 1000 respondents. This group of respondents was divided into two groups. One group of respondents was shown the current/old-style logo, while the other group was shown the new style. In this way, we could assess the difference between the old and new brand assets.

1. Unprompted brand recognition

In the first step of the DBA research, we compared the unprompted brand recognition between the logos.

2. Implicit Association Test: colour

Next, we carried out an Implicit Association Testto examine the suitability of the DBA ‘colour’. This IAT was carried out for the Wehkamp brand, but several major competitors were also taken on board.

3. Logo salience

Here we checked how quickly the respondents recognised the logo of a brand.

4. Implicit Association Test: wordmark

The final part consisted of another IAT to check how well the wordmark communicated specific characteristics (such as feminine, innovative, quality, fresh, etc.). By putting both the old and new wordmark to both groups of respondents, we could ascertain whether the new wordmark was perceived/experienced differently from the current wordmark.

Logo Redesign research result

Blauw can set up and implement a DBA survey and feed back the results for companies within three weeks. We deliver a report with the research results and concrete advice for enhancing the company’s mental availability.

The more consumers associate the logo, colour and wordmark with your brand, the greater the chance of establishing a mental hook. As noted, the new style is more feminine (the colour red and the round font) which perfectly fits the direction that Wehkamp has in mind. Last month, it was announced that the online store’s revenue was rising strongly.

A successful launch for your new logo, colour and wordmark

Let us check your brand assets among your target audience. A short & fast DBA survey lets you know pre-launch whether you are on the right track with your new logo.