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Community Research | Blauw Research

Blauw set up a temporary market research community for DELTA for a period of 5 weeks. More than 150 customers and non-customers of DELTA participated in the online community and received weekly topics on a specific theme. During the entire period, DELTA staff were able to view this and provide input to the community. This enabled DELTA to really get under the skin of its customers and potential customers.

Blauw delivered the results as follows:

  • Weekly reporting on the community's progress

  • A presentation of the results to all of those involved at DELTA.

  • A workshop in which the ideas were prioritised by the departments involved at DELTA.

What did we achieve? The Market Research Online Community was an overwhelming success and generated more than 7500 messages. This yielded DELTA:

  • Insight into loyalty and retention of existing customers

  • Insight into the drivers of churn.

  • Identification of opportunities to attract new customers

  • Insight into DELTA's image and its impact on loyalty

  • Insight into the satisfaction levels of existing customers

Due to the Community, DELTA was able to improve a number of things for its customers:

  • Campaigns adapted to existing/loyal customers

  • Better all-in-one solutions for customers

  • Smaller, more customer-focused campaigns

  • Communication was improved and transparency increased

  • Online forum for customers set up