How to activate the Ajax sponsorship

To inject the Ajax sponsorship from the start, Ziggo wanted to know how to activate the Ajax sponsorship.

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Ziggo wanted to use the Ajax sponsorship to strengthen the bond with existing customers and attract new customers by activating the sponsorship. At the start of the Ajax sponsorship, Ziggo needed to know how to activate the Ajax sponsorship. In order to strengthen the connection with all stakeholders, it is important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts.

Co-creation workshops using the Let’s Play board game with different target groups (Ajax fans, football lovers, people not interested in football and Ziggo customers). The gamification approach helps to get the best out of people, to unlock creativity and collect high quality ideas.

We were able to present Ziggo with three relevant directions for the development of their campaigns around the Ajax sponsorship. One of the main pieces of advice was to demonstrate social involvement in