Innovation and consumer research in a changing world

Innovation is the basis for the raison d'etre of many A-brands. It provides growth and ensures that you remain relevant to your target group. The rate at which the market and the consumer demands innovation is also increasing. All A-brand manufacturers and therefore Bonduelle have to create speed, be more flexible and arrange their processes differently. However, to be able to innovate in a relevant way, it is important for Bonduelle to remain in contact with the consumer. That's why Bonduelle and Blauw entered into a partnership to find the optimum balance between the speed and flexibility of the processes and thinking and working from the consumer's point of view.

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Innovation Strategy | Blauw Research

A mix of research solutions

As innovation processes change, the role, type and rate of the research also changes. This means that we can no longer rely exclusively on traditional research solutions with a lead time of 4-6 weeks, we have to be able to offer other options. For Bonduelle, Blauw has initiated the following approach a different way of working and thinking:

  • Seeking cohesion between separate issues and combining this in research
  • Intensive partnership to enable a step further to be taken together
  • Speed, efficiency and flexibility

Research solutions implemented

  • Tried and tested research methods for crucial questions: quantitative concept research (standardised and bespoke)
  • Division of marketing mix questions into smaller sub-projects:via Blauw Food community

The result: Bonduelle World Vegetable dishes

After a period of only a year and a half, Bonduelle launched its World Vegetable Dishes in the spring of 2015. An innovation based on top recipes, co-created with 2 star chef Soenil Bahadoer. An innovation in which the needs of the consumer remained central due to the use of various types of research at crucial times. Responses to a variety of research questions, for example:

  • How do consumers perceive 'foreign cuisine'? The availability of exotic ingredients is a significant barrier. With World Vegetable Dishes this became solved by a combination of exotic fruits and herbs are added in a single package.
  • Does the concept have potential? World Vegetable Dishes addresses a wide target group with a purchase intention well above the benchmark.
  • Which variants will achieve the greatest effect? Mediterranean ratatouille now appears to be one of the best-presented variants.