Insight into the image and brand value of Hoog Catharijne

Klépierre Management Nederland B.V is currently working on (re)positioning Hoog Catharijne. The shopping centre is to be completely rebuilt. In addition to a lot of 'hassle' this provides the opportunity to utilise the 'regeneration' to redesign Hoog Catharijne with a new mission. This starting point implies that many old ideas and concepts must be left behind, but that there is also scope for the mission to be translated into campaigns and new initiatives. In doing so, the current shopping centre has been approached as one brand.

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Image Research | Blauw Research

Both to provide a basis for these efforts to rebuild the Hoog Catharijne brand in terms of time and investment, and to enable progress to be defined and optimised, Klépierre requires insight into the brand's image and brand value. We therefore carried out an image research study.

What we did

For its image modelling, Blauw uses research techniques including the A-I-A-P model as the framework and starting point for the questionnaire. This stands for: Awareness – Image – Attitude – Preference. Amongst other things, the model provides insight into the potential gap between the desired identity and the current image. It also provides tools for the optimisation of all marketing communication-focused activities and output.

In consumer research, consumers are often asked explicitly what they think, for example about a certain product, advertisement or a specific brand. This method of measurement is mainly suitable if the aim is to discover what people think consciously about these subjects.

Only 10% of decisions however are taken consciously and rationally. The subconscious and emotional factors play a major role in imaging and the idea that the consumer is a rational decision maker is outdated. For example, a consumer may have subconscious positive associations which he is not aware of when answering a specific question..

Certainly where issues such as experience, atmosphere, feelings and emotional associations for brands or communications are concerned (as in the case of Hoog Catharijne), it is important to address subconscious processes. In order to analyse image and other aspects of positioning correctly, it was decided in this research to use research techniques which pay sufficient attention to 'the subconscious'.

To do justice to all of the aspects which play a role in the building and maintenance of the Hoog Catharijne brand, various components were used in the online research (incl. I.A.T.), brand strength (incl. NPS) and the brand passport (incl. archetype score and strategic brand pillars).

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