Knauf: ideal space for everyone

Knauf has been supplying innovative construction and dismantling systems and materials for new construction, renovation and restoration in the Netherlands for more than fifty years now. The company develops products based on the rationale that everyone deserves an ideal environment in which to live, work or stay. Insight into the wishes of customers helps Knauf to achieve this vision and to reinforce its leading position in the market

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Segmentation Research | Blauw Research

Segmentation research by Blauw
Blauw carried out a fundamental study to which customer needs were central. What did consumers consider important in terms of living comfort and how can these needs be clustered to form unique customer segments?

First of all, 12 households with varying domestic situations were visited and their ideal living environment discussed. In addition to a list of practical requirements concerning noise, temperature, odour, light and the durability of materials, this also provided insight into the more emotional wishes relating to living. Blauw then conducted a representative online study of 1,200 householders. This resulted in 6 customer segments, each with an individual profile and set of needs in terms of living comfort. Each segment comes to life in a persona.

What did the research deliver?

  • Insight into the gaps in the product portfolio and starting points for product development and communication
  • Definitive indicators of how Knauf can better support contractors, service companies and renovation companies. Knauf has developed an online tool for subcontractors. Using this tool, contractors, service companies and renovation companies can determine to which segment the customer belongs and can give him targeted advice.

To summarise, the segmentation research carried out by Blauw assists Knauf in profiling itself as the thought leader in the area of living comfort!