Marktplaats opts for radical new brand tracker from Blauw

The brand tracker, for years THE tool for measuring your brand strength. Marketeers have a 'love-hate' relationship with it. And the rest of the organisation does not entirely understand what top of mind brand awareness actually says about sales. The classic brand tracker is of course completely separate from any purchasing situation.. Time then for a tracker which provides definitive tools to really help move the brand forward.

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Consistency We have known for a long time that the brand tracker in its current form is declining in value. Marketeers indicate that the results provide insufficient tools for the updating of messages, channels or media pressure. Furthermore, the results of the brand funnel are often not consistent with the online performance of an organisation: the conversion figures and search behaviour. Brand builders in the organisation lose support.

Last summer, Blauw therefore decided to radically change the brand tracker. The behaviour of the consumer is central and forms the starting point for the measuring tool. We are turning the funnel upside-down, as it were.

Bold moves Marktplaats was our first client who dared to move away from the old, trusted tracker. In fact, Marktplaats no longer wanted per se what it had always had. Together, we developed the measurement tool further. Marktplaats now obtains insight into the location of the brand during the entire selection process, whether it involves a used car or a deal of the day. Marktplaats knows if and when it has been viewed by the consumer and at what point during the process it has been beaten by its competitors.

With the concepts of Byron Sharp (author of ‘How Brands Grow’) at the back of our minds, we also abandoned image statements. Annemarie Joosen, Marketing Director: ‘We know that people recognise and like us, but that doesn't tell us much about what they come to use for’. Instead of this, we look at purchasing situations; the situations in which people ideally think about your brand – Sharp calls this ‘Category Entry Points’, and at the recognisable market elements, such as colour, logo and icons - ‘Distinctive Brand Assets’.

One language Whilst we are developing the measurement tool further, Joosen is preparing the organisation. The various teams are learning the concepts behind the measurement tool and the composition of the new ‘metrics’ at a manageable pace. The bridge has been provided between digital (sales), product development and activity. These are components in the organisation which need to learn to speak each others language. An incidental benefit for Annemarie: the tool also suits the language of the management better. No-one has to defend the vague TOM concept any longer. We are talking about sales.