NPO makes itself more relevant to young people

The role of the media in the lives of young people is considerable. Precisely how great a role this is and the share of it that is fulfilled or can be fulfilled by the Nederlandse Publieke Omroep [the Dutch public broadcasting service], is a question which the NPO is actively investigating. In order to better understand young people aged 15-34, NPO wanted to find out how young people interact with the media. What devices do they use for their own media consumption? And what content is involved and at what time of day? Blauw and NPO got together to discuss this with young people to find out.

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Community Research | Blauw Research

We began with an online community in which around 200 young people exchanged views with each other enthusiastically and in great detail for a period of four weeks. A quantitative follow-up study was a logical next step to gain insight into the facts and figures behind the stories.

An extensive consultancy report was written on each phase in which the results were presented and in which NPO obtained indicators on which it could base its strategy toward young people. During the period in which the community was live, the internal stakeholders at NPO also read the daily responses of the community members. Blauw also updated NPO on a weekly basis via a thematic update report.

What was achieved?
At the end of the project…

  • The results were presented, first to the Executive Board and then to various directors and management teams;
  • the learnings were then disseminated in a broader context throughout NPO;
  • NPO was able to fine-tune its internal and external recommendations;
  • NPO now has a very broad and deep research information basis about young people which can be used for further analysis.

And NPO was inspired by many insights into…

  • young people's preferences in the media landscape;
  • the way in which they interact with media and the devices they use to do this (multi-tasking and non-linear media consumption).
  • young people's impression of Nederlandse Publieke Omroep.
  • the profile of the young NPO fan and more importantly, of those who are not yet fans.