Opportunities for growth of a foreign company on the Dutch market

Perhaps you recognise the situation: you're walking past the bakery section of the supermarket when the irresistible smell of fresh croissants and bread just out of the oven wafts past. That wouldn't be possible without parties such as La Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) because they are one of the companies that makes delicious baked goods. LLBG wants an insight into how consumers rate bakery sections of supermarkets. The company wants to be able to advise supermarkets better, so that bakery sections can respond even better to consumer demand. Blauw helped to find the answer to these pressing questions.

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Classification of the bakery section from the point of view of the consumer

In an effort to understand consumers, we started with qualitative research with the help of a research community. To do this, we delved into the needs, position and behaviour of consumers in relation to fresh baked goods in supermarkets.

One part of this, for instance, was for us to set consumers the task of sorting the wide range into sub-groups themselves. In this way, we were able to learn how consumers categorise the section themselves. And how this differs from how LLBG itself assorts products in the same range. When you allow yourself to be led by the needs of consumers in terms of how you set out your products in the supermarket, this will give opportunities for growth.

Adapt to different needs for each product to get the best out of the section

We used quantitative research to validate the insights. We focused on a number of different baked goods categories that came out of the qualitative grouping. For each of these product groups we asked about the purchase process and the underlying needs. This gave us an insight into the way in which the categories differed from each other, and where there were similarities.

Information that is crucial to stimulate sales within the bakery section and to optimise the in-store experience. Products that are bought on a recurring basis, purchases which vary little must, for instance, be displayed as clearly as possible. The focus is on ease of purchase. It is advisable to offer more of an experience and to use combinations and innovations where impulse buys and varied purchases are concerned. It's all about inspiration.

Convince retailers of your expertise

The study also shone a light on the strong and weaker areas of the bakery section of each and every supermarket. Among other things, we analysed satisfaction with the bakery section of the supermarket and the drivers that formed the basis for this. The results of this analysis are helping LLBG to identify specific points for improvement and to pass these on to the various retailers.

One study, one report

The study helped us to identify specific opportunities for LLBG. We delivered the results of the study in a single integrated report. By doing so, we don't have to deliver individual study results but provide a single red thread that will ultimately help LLBG to better understand consumers of baked goods and to achieve the growth they crave.

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