The Greenery: community research and packaging testing

The Greenery is one of the biggest international sales organizations for fruits and vegetables. Together with more than 500 growers, they provide grocery stores, wholesalers, caterers and the processing industry with a complete and daily fresh product range of fruits and vegetables. As a marketing organization and direct channel to amongst others; grocery store chains, the Greenery is constantly working on gaining new products and improving their packaging.

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Innovation is becoming more important to The Greenery. As well as thinking about their product development and the corresponding marketing. That is why The Greenery has the need for both numerical and qualitative insights. They came to Blauw/SPRINT because of the unique combination of both community research and packaging research.

Opportunities amongst the ready-to-eat market and the categories snack-fruit and vegetables.

The Greenery wanted to research the following in order to collect new insights:

  • Discover the opportunities within the ready-to-eat market.
  • Research if and where there are opportunities for the category snack-fruit and vegetables, especially focusing on the packaging and the supply.

We researched this on the basis of the following research questions:

  • What are the drivers and barriers of ready-to-eat snack fruit and vegetables?
  • How is the quality of ready to eat fruit determined or perceived?
  • When are ready-to-eat kiwi’s, mango’s and avocado’s eaten (on the day of purchase or later)? Which of the snack fruit and vegetables is the most popular?
  • What are popular moments or times to eat fruits or vegetables?
  • What do people think of the available selection of both categories? Do consumers think the assortment is large enough or do they miss products?

Qualitative research method: community research through the Blauw Community

Blauw has issued this question in the Blauw Community. There are members available online 24/7 to answer questions. Every single one of them is enthusiastic and enjoys to think along with our clients.

The advantages of this community:

  • It is fast and efficient: within one week, we already had insights in the ready-to-eat market that we could share with The Greenery.
  • Within the community there are various research possibilities: in this case, the respondents actually went to the supermarket and looked to see what they thought about the selection of fruits and vegetables, they told us if they were able to find the fruits and vegetables easily. This creates a broad image of the qualitative insights amongst a large audience of 200-300 people.

With the results of the community research, we have gained valuable information. Now, we know exactly where our opportunities are within the ready-to-eat market and the category snack fruits- and vegetables.”
Nicolas van Hasselt The Greenery

This is how to put a new successful product on the market

Next to this qualitative research, Blauw has also gathered numerical insights for the Greenery, through SPRINT, our Agile Research Label.

Qualitative research method: packaging research

The Greenery wants to improve the sustainability of their tomato packaging. Four product packaging’s have been designed for this purpose and the question is, which one is the most attractive to the consumer, and meets their wishes and needs.SPRINT carried out a quantitative packaging research amongst 400 respondents. These 400 consumers judged the packaging on the basis of different KPI’s, such as:

  • The total score per packaging
  • Visual attraction: how appealing does the packaging look?
  • Prominence: would you notice product in the grocery store?
  • Uniqueness
  • Credibility
  • Clarity
  • The amount of information
  • If they think the product is fitting
  • Attractiveness

Additionally, there is room for customized questions in the concept version. In this case, SPRINT asked about the buyers intention, expectation of flavor and what the consumer thinks of the additional information on the packaging.

This is how to put a new successful product on the market

Thanks to the research, The Greenery received helpful numerical insights about the packaging. They know exactly which kind of tomato packaging their target audience finds appealing. With that, they increase the chance of a successful marketing introduction.

We did a packacking research for 4 different packaging possibilities through the research tool from SPRINT. A very fast and effective way to connect the packaging from our innovations to the wishes of our customers and also have them stand out in de grocery store. ”
Nicolas van Hasselt The Greenery