UEFA Champions League Sponsoring Effect Study

Since 2000, Blauw Research has been helping UEFA Champions League sponsors to gain insight into the positive effects of sponsorship on their brand's key KPIs. We are currently doing this for Heineken, PepsiCo and Nissan. The insights gained from the research contribute to increased awareness, commitment, loyalty and purchase intention among football fans.

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Design of the research

UCL sponsors need insight in the impact of the UCL sponsoring on key performance indicators of their brand and want to evaluate (the activation of) the sponsoring.

Solution: Online study with a worldwide scope and two waves per year: December (after UCL group stage) and May (after UCL final). Different UCL partners participate in the study (currently PepsiCo, Nissan and Heineken). The study has a general set-up: a block of generic questions and specific question-blocks per sponsor.

Results: The UCL study provides insight in the evaluation and impact of the UCL sponsorship on the brand*. With the results of this study sponsors are able to set objectives and optimize the sponsoring activations. These insights also contribute to a successful sponsoring policy.

A first impression of the results

  • PepsiCo increased brand image among people who are engaged with UCL (already in the first year of the sponsorship).
  • Fans who know about the sponsorship drink more Heineken than others and feel that Heineken is a brand that shares their interests.
  • After two years of UCL sponsoring, Nissan shows a positive trend in brand performance among those aware of the sponsorship.

More information?

Watch the results of the research in this infographic: