VELUX: dealing definitively with customer feedback

VELUX Nederland sells skylights, light domes, dormer windows, window decoration, solar protection and roller shutters to consumers via its dealers. This is a sector in which customer experience is hugely important. When customers are enthusiastic about your organisation, naturally this leads to new customers and orders.

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Voice of the Customer | Blauw Research

Customer focus is central to all of the activities of VELUX Nederland. The organisation also works according to the Lean method, in which everything is focused on working more efficiently. Customer feedback plays a major role in both principles,  because by listening to feedback from customers, you obtain valuable information:

  • What does the customer think of you?
  • What is going well? What are customers enthusiastic about?
  • What's going wrong? Where is further improvement possible?

Customers not only expose your organisation's weak points,  they also tell you how you can improve your product, service or organisation. VELUX Nederland needed more structural insight into the feedback which was coming into their organisation, so that they could continue to adjust their service provision in order to become more successful as a customer-focused organisation.
Collating feedback around significant touchpoints

Blauw therefore set up the Voice of the Customer programme around the six most significant touchpoints. The flexible Closed Loop Feedback system was specially designed for VELUX Nederland. As a result, it matches the structure of the organisation exactly. This makes the use of the tool and its incorporation into daily activities straightforward.

In this way, customer service receive feedback on the discussions they hold. And following a customer visit, service fitters receive feedback on the customer's experience of their visit. Employees receive an alert in their mailbox containing feedback from the customer. With one mouse click you can access the follow-up form in the dashboard.

For an entire year, VELUX Nederland received customer feedback, which was structurally monitored by employees. This yielded valuable insights, enabling a number of quick wins to be achieved. But simply collating and monitoring customer feedback is not the whole story. In addition to operational quick wins, which continuously result from the customer feedback, you also want to be able to prioritise strategically and to know where, as an organisation, you need to expend the most energy. On which points do you make a difference to customers? With which part of the service or on which touchpoint?

In depth

Blauw therefore facilitated a deep dive for VELUX Nederland, to go deeper into the data collated. A deep dive analysis gives you action-focused insights for improvement. In the case of VELUX Nederland, this delivered the following:
 “We now have definitive tools to improve customer experience and have learned to look at customer groups on touchpoints”

Time for action: determining priorities

Blauw and VELUX Nederland put their heads together to discuss priorities. What do customers say, what plans do VELUX Nederland have for the coming year, and how can the customer feedback collated be incorporated in this? In an action plan session, plans are made with and by the NPS Champions involved within the organisation. They set priorities, derived from the customer's opinions, and create definitive actions for the improvement of the customer experience. In doing so, they attempt to take the customer experience (and NPS) to an even higher level. After completion, you have: 

  • a list of definitive actions for improvements to the experience of customers, service provision and/or products
  • further formulation of actions, in order to arrive at an initial impetus to arrive at a definitive and feasible action plan in which special attention is paid to the formulation of quick wins.

Toward a customer-driven organisation

A customer-driven organisation stands or falls on the involvement of employees, as they determine the customer experience together. It is essential for as many employees of the organisation as possible to be involved in the Voice of the Customer programme. The goal of many organisations is for customer focus to become part of the DNA of each employee. This is something that can take a long time, but Blauw has various tools available which can help with this.

Callback training: learning to monitor feedback successfully

Various employees at VELUX Nederland received callback training, using role playing based on genuine Closed Loop Feedback cases. During this kind of callback training, employees learn how to obtain as much valuable information as possible from a customer during a follow-up conversation. They receive tips & tools on how to hold a customer conversation, in a way in which the customer feels listened to and with feedback which you, as an employee, can really work with.

The callback training is definitive, practical and user-friendly. This has brought us further in the process thinking and acting more from the customer's perspective”
Ronald Bal Business Process Manager VELUX Nederland

At VELUX Nederland, they have been working with the Voice of the Customer programme since 2015. They are continuing to measure and use the assembled insights into their customers as a basis for the ongoing development of their organisation.