Data breach software supplier

Unfortunately, as a market research agency, we have been confronted with a data breach. The breach occurred at Nebu B.V., a software supplier that we use for research. Third parties may have gained access to data that we collect and process for clients and for our own satisfaction surveys. This includes data necessary in order to invite people to participate in the research (names, email addresses, and phone numbers) and the answers given in the research.

Regarding our own data, we have reported the breach to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. We have also informed our clients about the incident.

On March 24 we received written notice of unauthorized access to the supplier's network. On March 27, the software supplier confirmed that data had indeed been stolen. We regret this deeply and have informed our clients about the breach. We do not yet know exactly what has been stolen. At the moment, the investigation is ongoing to determine which data may have been viewed or stolen by unauthorized parties.

We will do everything we can in the coming period to keep our clients informed as well as possible. We find it extremely regrettable that this situation has arisen, both for our clients and for their customers who have participated in the research.