Agile is not the enemy! It facilitates the backbone of research

Becoming more consumer centric means we all need to connect to our consumers and better understand human behaviour in order to gain real-time insights in an engaging way which strengthens the connection with our consumers. This is not just an Insights job. FrieslandCampina will explain how they apply agile tools such as SPRINT Insights to test and learn fast in close connection with consumers and at the same time validate & lock-in on crucial decisions in order to drive both success and maximum potential.

These two criteria ensures FrieslandCampina is working in the right direction to be more successful in both activating their brands and delivering better insights. Agile Do-it-yourself research tools have become part of every research department in recent years and you can't live without them when you have to make quick decisions.

SPRINT will explain the benefits and how they help FrieslandCampina to ‘fix the basics’ and help measure and drive performance for their brand and marketing teams to achieve greater business success. Further explanation will also be given on the wider effect of utilizing agile tools which allows Insight Managers and teams to be released in the use of their time to focus, unravel and drive strategic projects and opportunities, together with more conventional research methods.

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