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Blauw Research full-service market research agency

Our full-service market research makes organisations aware of changes that make sense if they want to achieve growth in their organisation, product or brand.

In a rapidly-changing world, people and organisations are constantly being confronted with all sorts of choices. Blauw helps organisations to determine their position; we show them where there are opportunities for their brand or product and ensure that the focus is unequivocally directed towards consumers, the public, patients or employees as the case may be.

Rotterdam Market Research Agency

Our offices are located on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. Our fantastic roof terrace looks out onto the town hall. Blauw is a member of the MarktOnderzoekAssociatie (Dutch Market Research Association, MOA), and we are NEN-ISO 9001 and ISO-27001 & ISO-27701 certified.

Driven market researchers

Blauw employs driven people with a shared passion for insights. We combine data and insights to uncover opportunities; both for Blauw but mainly, of course, for our clients. We spur each other on to perform that little bit better and smarter every day, while continuously making things that little bit more enjoyable.

Areas of market research specialism

We are specialised in customer experience, branding and communications issues, sponsoring research, the testing of new ideas and studies related to category management. Among our popular research methods are:

Contact with Blauw Research

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Clients we work for

We work for many different clients as can be seen from the overview below, including a number of cases that give more information about the individual studies.