Financial Sector

Customers often find financial issues such as banking, mortgages and insurance boring, unclear and a necessary evil. The consumer is more empowered than ever and also demands simplicity and transparency.

Trust in financial service providers, such as banks, mortgage providers and insurance companies is historically low. Developments in the financial sector have created takeovers, mergers, ‘bad press’ and even bankruptcies. Furthermore, stricter legislation and regulation have put financial organisations in a difficult position. 

Marketeers struggle with the sector’s negative image and the often cumbersome organisation behind it. Financial services companies must pay more attention to relationships with their customers in order to provide the best service.

What can you do to generate more loyalty?

These changing times within the financial services sector require new communications strategies. 

Blauw knows what’s going on when it comes to the changing relationship between banks and insurers, the Financial Services distribution channels, the demonstration of added value and increasingly ‘better’ informed consumes.

Market research for the financial sector

  • Do you need insight into how your organisation and your competitors are viewed as a brand by advisors and how this develops? - Image Blueprint Mortgage providers
  • Would you like to know what image both potential and recent mortgage customers have of the mortgage market?  - Image Blueprint (IB) Mortgage distribution
  • Do your customers have needs which have not yet been fulfilled, and if so, how can you fulfil them? – Proposition research
  • During product development feedback from your customers? – Panel & community research, example of ABN AMRO
  • How do you create loyalty in a low involvement category such as financial services? – Closed community
  • Discover to what extent your service provision and products are worth the trouble to tell others about according to your customers – NPS research

Blauw knows the financial sector and consumer

At Blauw we work intensively with our clients, driven by the will to really understand the business. This ensures:

  • More efficiency
  • More speed
  • More focus
  • More effectiveness

And therefore, better decisions.

Blauw conducts research for various companies in the financial services sector. Our clients include:

<>Our finance team: