In the FMCG sector, developments follow on from each other quickly and product launches and communication require constant attention.

Due to the large number of product offerings, manufacturers struggle:

  • to obtain the same place on the shelves;
  • and a place in the mind of the consumer;

This requires perfect harmonisation between strategy and tactics.

Marketing and research in the FMCG sector means looking for nuances, by constantly getting under the skin of the consumer. And timing is increasingly important.

  • To be able to adapt, or to make the right decision swiftly.
  • To remain ahead of competitors in terms of trends and developments.

We have a complete range of tailor-made research methods for FMCG:

  • Which products are used the most? At what time, where, by whom and why? - Usage & attitudes studies
  • What does my consumers’ selection and purchasing process look like and with what should the purchasing criteria within a product category comply? - Shopper research
  • I have an urgent question which I want to check with the consumer (preferably in the short term and with a limited budget). - Blauw community
  • Answers to questions such as: What is the perception of the category in the eyes of the target group and towards who do you position yourself? - Positioning research
  • Where are the growth opportunities for my brand? - Brand research

Blauw helps your organisation move forward

Our experts in the field of FMCG always deliver added value. This is expressed in the research and its translation into marketing decisions.

We have a passion for FMCG, a love of research and understanding about deadlines. We not only conduct research, we also provide a personal vision and use our experience to help and inspire you. That’s why we strive toward a close partnership. This enables us to get the best out of ourselves, our clients and the research.

The team consists of specialists in qualitative and quantitative research, as we believe in the strength of this combination.

Blauw conducts various research studies for various A-brand manufacturers such as:

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