Consumer products

The consumer products market has many challenges. As an organization, you want to maintain and further expand your strong position. This requires formulating a strategy that focuses on innovation and sales channels.

Understanding consumer behavior

We help manufacturers and retailers achieve a customer-centric approach, effective communication with the market and the successful development of new products and services. We do this by involving the customer as early as possible in the process.

  • How do you gain insight into your target audience, their motivations and attitudes? - Category Management
  • Find out where your market potential is and with what marketing mix will you successfully market your new product or service? - Product Development
  • How do you generate more attention on the store shelf for your brand? - Shopper Strategy

Understanding orientation and decision process

As a provider of consumer products, you want to connect with consumers' choice process and know how to reach your target audience during their purchase process both offline and online.

  • What considerations do consumers have around buying your product? - Path-to-Purchase research.
  • How do you respond to changes in the industry; from physical store to omnichannel provider?

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Consumer products

Market research with immediately actionable results

Blauw helps you fully map out the orientation and decision-making process of your consumers. We have conducted various types of market research in the field of consumer products.

"Soon we noticed that, precisely as a scale-up, we could get a lot of valuable results from the research."
Ilse van Loon
Head of Brand & Communications
"The IHUT survey gave us immediate insight into the customer experience. We received very valuable and instructive insights to optimally develop our new product."
Christian Schelle
Product Manager

Do you want to do research in the consumer products industry?

Frederieke van Leeuwen
Business Lead Marketing Strategy
Frederieke van Leeuwen