In addition to research in the Netherlands, we also operate as an international market research firm. From our office in Rotterdam, we coordinate research in several countries.

For companies operating globally, this is an important advantage. After all, research does not stop at the border. it is also possible to initially start up a research project in the Netherlands and only later roll it out to other countries. We always customize our programs. We know exactly which research methods work or do not work in the various countries and our local researchers respond to the market and situation in the country of research.

Whether it's online research or face-to-face research, our research managers have the knowledge and experience to set up and conduct international qualitative and quantitative research. Do you have a multi-country issue and want to know what consumers worldwide think about you? Do you want to know if there is a demand for your product or service in other countries?

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Do you also want to conduct international research?

 Jos Vink