In addition to the studies in the Netherlands, we are also active internationally as a market research bureau. We coordinate research in several countries from our offices in Rotterdam. For companies who are active globally, this is an important prerequisite. Research does not stop at borders.

In the case of a multi-country research community it is important for example for moderators and researchers to know the language and culture to understand the nuances of the individual community. International research in several countries simultaneously.

International research in several countries simultaneously

For Philips we developed a research programme in which our local researchers in Germany and Russia connected to our branch in Rotterdam on a daily basis.

Our head office is therefore still the basis for connection to your business. We are the central hub for all research results and continue to liaise with you, so there are no additional contact people in other countries.

  • This means lines of communication are short
  • We can connect quickly during the research
  • And keep you in the picture

But we also worked in parallel for three sponsorship partners of the UEFA Champions League in 25 countries. A sponsorship research study in which we studied how long brands remain in the minds of viewers. We did however adapt the research design to various types and lengths of question. To achieve this, we cooperated with a research partner in China.

Research abroad

It is also possible to commence a research study solely in the Netherlands in the first instance and to roll it out to other countries at a later date. We have done this in the past for a multinational in the healthcare sector.

Following a successful Voice of the Customer programme in our own country, we are now working on it in France, England and Ireland. We constantly adapt our programmes to suit particular situations We know exactly whether or not research methods work in the various countries and our local researchers respond to the market and the situation in the research country.

Whether this involves online research or face-to-face research, our research managers have the knowledge and experience to set up and conduct qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Do you have a multi-country question and would you like to know what consumers think of you globally?
  • Do you want to know if there is a demand for your product or service in other countries?

We ensure that you get an answer to all your international questions.

Our international clients include: