Brand Power Program

You know which associations, values and emotions give your brand a big head start. You strengthen your marketing mix and that pays off in operating results.


But is it a one-off success or is it sustainable what you do? Are you ahead of your competitors or are they slowly catching up with you?

We understand that you want to know where opportunities and threats lie. Just to keep delivering the best results.

In our experience, it periodical measurements pay out. Those do not have to be at weekly or monthly intervals. For most brands a few times a year will suffice.

With a series of identical measurements you keep a grip on the growth of your brand. A stronger emotional connection and a larger mental market share demonstrably help with this.

Brand Strategy, Brand Management

€10.000 per measurement (from 4 up)

On going

Based on sample NL18+

Call us for an intake interview, you may expect to have results within four weeks.