Brand Scan

You know exactly your brand's position in the category, what your growth potential is and who to focus on. This is the back bone of your growth strategy.


If you have growth ambitions, the trick is in understanding the dynamics in the category. Preferably better than the competition.

We understand you may be looking for knowledge, attitude and behaviour, for your brand and your competitors. But everyone already has that.

We understand how brands grow. With our expertise, we demonstrate the growth potential of your brand and show the importance of your heavy and light buyers in relation to the competitors.

We show who you can best target based on buyer's behavior of brands in the category. The relative turnover per buyer group is key here. Also we show you what growth looks like, to get more grip.

Brand Strategy, Brand Management

Ad hoc


Based on sample NL18+

Call us for an intake interview, you may expect to have results within four weeks.