Buyers Journey

In order to achieve growth, it is extremely important to have a sound understanding of how consumers or customers arrive at their choice of products or services. The 'buyer's journey', which we also refer to as the 'path to purchase', relates to the steps that a shopper or buyer goes through, from initial orientation through to purchase. By examining these steps we show:

  • how the selection processes operate; how you, the vendor, can align with the selection processes
  • how you can reach your target audience during its purchasing process, both offline and online.

Options for adding even more value to the customer experience are often looked for when optimising the customer journey, and therefore also the path to purchase. Experience has taught us that it is rarely the lack of value that gets in the way of market penetration. Physical and mental barriers are responsible for deterring the customer from making a successful purchase. So the most relevant way to add value to the path to purchase is to remove barriers. As a result, our studies focus on:

  • The process: which steps do customers take, and what is the sequence of steps?
  • Drivers and barriers: what stands in the way of a decision to purchase and what conversely encourages it, both rationally and emotionally?
  • Touchpoints: what are the points at which purchasing behaviour can be influenced to take a different course, and how can that be done successfully?

Where possible, we assume this relates to actual behaviour. This is why we try to map out the path to purchase in the most detailed way possible. Where this is not possible, we decide to make the journey in reverse order. This helps the customer to stay closer to their memories.

A complete buyer's journey is made up of a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research maps out the route of the journey and highlights the motivation behind the behaviour shown. Quantitative research helps to differentiate target audiences and clearly identifies the importance of various aspects.