Campaign research

Insight into a campaign’s (potential) success can be relevant both before and after a campaign’s launch. We therefore conduct campaign research during various phases of the development process, yet we also advise our clients to optimise their campaigns using pre-tests.

After all, it is still possible to optimise the campaign based on research results at that point.
Depending on the objective and the possibilities, there are several ways to (pre-) test a campaign.

Whether we conduct a qualitative or quantitative campaign study, we always consider subconscious associations (e.g. with the help of an Implicit Association Test) and map whether the campaign brings out the desired emotions and conveys the right message.

With the help of our facial coding tool, we can determine what emotions are triggered by each scene in a television commercial. For print ads, we have developed special questionnaire techniques with which a campaign can be evaluated based on the smallest details and optimised accordingly. Furthermore, we can track the online buzz surrounding a campaign with our social media analyser.

Campaign research allows marketers and advertisement agencies to develop better, more appealing and more unique campaigns.