Flow Monitor

The Flow Monitor is the interactive activation program that identifies and monitors on a continuous basis whether employees feel facilitated to fulfill the (customer-oriented) objectives. With Flow Manager, employees are challenged in an enthusiastic way to express their opinions about working for your organisation on the basis of frequent, brief, online measurements. We begin with a 0-score to which the five Flow Drivers are central:

We begin with a 0-score to which the five Flow Drivers are central:

  • Pleasure
  • Higher purpose
  • Positive feedback
  • Scope/confidence
  • Mastery

From satisfied to enthusiastic workers

All drivers and KPIs are included in the 0-score (X-ray). In conjunction with the regression analysis, you know as an organisation which buttons to push. This clarifies directly which drivers your business should focus on.

After the 0-score, 2 further measurements are taken, to which 2 or 3 additional drivers are central, in addition to the KPIs. Measurements are brief as a result. With this, your organisation frequently monitors flow and also the development of Flow and the effect of the actions taken.

Feedback is not only quick and easy, it is also fun. Each measurement contains a creative exercise, such as giving an online compliment, for example. This contributes to Flow; it puts a smile on your face.

Nor do we generate weighty reports, instead we provide a state of the art dashboard in which each manager sees their own team results. Employees receive feedback shortly after the measurement in an infographic, directly from Blauw.

Teams are motivated to discuss the results with each other and to get to work on the results. Employees and managers are jointly responsible for the improvement of their own Flow, provided this is within their scope of influence, naturally.

Employees are given enough scope to state what motivates them and what hinders them in their Flow or customer-focus. Is it internal processes, culture or management? With Flow Manager you not only make discussion possible, you also enhance employee involvement at the same time, which provides opportunities to be creative and to allow employees to rise above themselves. And customers also notice this.

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