Foresight Streaming Community

Remaining ahead of, or at least not slipping too far behind the competition; for many organisations this is very important in preserving their raison d'être. But how do you ensure that you grasp the opportunities which arise? Blauw Research has developed a revolutionary and unique method for this: Foresight Streaming.

Foresight Streaming is a method whereby an ongoing Market Research Online Community (MROC) is used as a basis to generate rolling forecasts from (apparently) unstructured data. An important element of this is that the conversations are not controlled, so it's real ‘bottom up insight generation’. This reveals new themes which are relevant to consumers. By structuring and classifying the data we provide insight into the changing playing field for your organisation. This way, you get to find out which trends and hypes you should respond to or ignore and what the right timing is for the introduction of innovations.

Various organisations are already using the Foresights we supply. Want to know more about how we can help you to stay ahead of your competition?

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