Image research

Insight into your organisation's image or brand forms the basis for tactical and strategic decisions. Using our image research we can analyse all of the knowledge and impressions of an organisation. In doing so we also make a distinction between the image that the organisation wishes to project (identity) and the image the outside world has of it. The research answers questions such as:

  • What image do customers and non-customers have of our organisation?
  • Which competitors are most similar to our organisation?
  • Does the campaign affect the brand image within a specific target group?
  • Do employees identify with the desired identity?

Consumers are critical and have a wide range of choice. They go online and read and share experiences. Decision-making behaviour however is not always rational. An important element of our behaviour is automatic and based on emotion. With Kahneman and his system 1 and 2 thinking at the back of our minds, we utilise a wide range of measurement methods which expose this type of more implicit process. For example:

Image research is usually wide scale, online, quantitative research. We utilise qualitative depth for specific target groups. In view of the wide scope of the subject and the sometimes major consequences, the needs of the organisation also determine the approach we adopt.

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