Qualitative research

If you require insight into your target group's underlying motives and thoughts, qualitative research is the correct method. The results of qualitative research are not based on hard figures and percentages. Instead we obtain in-depth information by investigating the target group's underlying motives, opinions, wishes and requirements.

A major advantage of qualitative research is that we can continue to question. For example, into why a respondent has a particular opinion or behaviour. We can discuss the target group's conscious motives, but subconscious motives can also be retrieved. Qualitative research can also be used to allow the target group itself to consider for example the interpretation of product innovations or new developments. Our clients can also observe the research so they can obtain a clear picture of what is important to the research groups.

Qualitative research

Our clients, your internal stakeholders, can follow the progress of the survey and get a clear idea of what drives and motivates the researched groups. In this way, face to face qualitative research offers lots of inspiration and builds strong involvement among all stakeholders.

In qualitative research we use:

In addition to our special focus group rooms at our office on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, we also make extensive use of external locations. Nowadays we can also conduct qualitative research online.

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