Path to Purchase Research

To give sales a boost it is very important to understand how consumers or customers arrive at their choice of products or services. The path to purchase is the first part of the customer journey: the steps taken by a shopper or buyer from first orientation through to purchase.

By creating transparency around these steps, it soon becomes clear how selections processes progress, how as the supplier you can connect with these and how you can reach your target group during the purchase process, both online and offline. Every path to purchase study focuses on the analysis of the steps, but the objective determines the focus. If it involves optimisation of the product portfolio, we evaluate the value of products /services in the light of the journeys shoppers make. If we are searching for communication hooks, we focus on establishing relevant touch points.

A complete path to purchase route consists of a combination of qualitative research and quantitative research. Qualitative research analyses the journey with the underlying motives for behaviour. Quantitative research ensures that target groups can be distinguished and the significance of various aspects are analysed clearly. In both types of research we use the principles expressed in the book How Brands Grow, by Byron Sharp as a starting point. The most important thing is that we utilise the actual behaviour displayed by customers and consumers to arrive at our conclusions rather than claimed behaviour.

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