Positioning study

There are few concepts in the MarCom world for which there are so many methods and models as a positioning question. The area of application is also very diverse. For example, is there a requirement for all the positioning statements made to be tested or is there even a need for positioning devices to be developed further? Is the brand and its associated communication central or is the origin of the question in the product and marketing strategy?

We purposefully do not have an all-encompassing model and rigid research approach to positioning research. Instead we constantly seek the most suitable methodology, based on thorough background knowledge. This is because we know from experience that practical situations are problematic and that each business has its own idiosyncrasies. Insight into the target group and the competitive environment in any case always forms part of our research and analysis. This might be questions such as what is the perception of the category in the eyes of the target group and in relation to how exactly you position yourself? An image study or segmentation study often forms part of our suggested approach.

Depending upon the research's approach, we form a team of ‘experts and professional geeks’ who seek tools to determine the ideal positioning or the most promising strategic development direction. We also have at our disposal a network of brand consultants who can help us take a step further towards the desired success, if necessary!

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